All About Clip-In Hair Extensions

All About Clip-In Hair Extensions

My worst kept secret is that I wear clip-in hair extensions. Not because you can tell when I’m wearing hair extensions but because I tell everyone about them! I love them so much that I literally can’t stop talking about how great they are.


About 3 years ago, I was in the process of going blonde and felt like I wasn’t getting there fast enough so I bought some supplies from Sally’s beauty and highlighted my own hair. No surprise here, it damaged my hair so badly that it started breaking off at the ends.

My hair doesn’t grow quickly so loosing 2-3 inches was devastating. Out of desperation, I started researching hair extensions but I found that the semi-permanent ones can actually end up damaging my hair further. That’s when I discovered clip-in hair extensions!

I did some more research on the best hair extension companies and discovered Luxy. The process was so easy! I emailed a picture of my hair in good lighting and they helped me pick out the perfect color of extension to match my hair. I’m on my second pair of clip-in extensions now but the first set of extensions lasted almost 2 years and even though my hair is longer now, I still wear them all the time for thickness and body.

Before Hair Extensions:

Before Clip-In Hair Extensions

After Hair Extensions:




Click here to get $10 off a set of Luxy hair extensions. 

Would you be interested in seeing a video of how I style and put in my clip-in extensions?


10 thoughts on “All About Clip-In Hair Extensions

    1. I’d love to see! I’ve contemplated buying them but don’t want to spend the money and then not use them or put them in properly. Lol
      Any tips would be appreciated!

      1. I know the price tag is intimidating but the results are so worth it! Plus they last forever and I don’t feel like i have to get my hair done at the salon as often. I’ll definitely put together a video with more tips and tricks!

  1. I would love to see! I have EXTREMELY thin hair and went through the days (more like years) of getting perms to add some volume. But that destroyed my hair!! I’ve been wanting some sort of hair extensions FOREVER!

    1. Same girl! My hair is surprisingly very fine so I have the same problem. I have to really work the blow dryer and curling iron to get full hair. These are so low maintenance which is why I love them! I’ll work on getting a video together ASAP.

  2. Probably a dumb question. Being 76 my hair is getting thinner. Do they make them for shorter and SILVER hair?

    1. Yes! I guess it’s all real hair so it can even be cut and colored to match and the “seamless” style lays really flat to the head so it’s great for thinner hair. 🙂

  3. I wear them too 😜 and when people say, “Your hair is gorgeous!” I always respond, “Thanks, it’s fake! I bought it on Amazon!” Haha! I had no idea you wore them too!

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