5 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Travel Tips

As a 20-something year old, sticking to a budget when traveling is really important, but I have found that great trips don’t have to cost a lot of money. If you want to travel and not spend a fortune, these are tips and tricks I use to make it happen.

    1. Be flexible with your travel dates. Usually, the months of July, August, and December are the most expensive so avoid those times to travel and obviously around major holidays. If you can, pick a time that’s not quite as popular (i.e. May or September) and you’ll find that flights, hotels, etc. aren’t as expensive.
      **One of my favorite travel tools when looking for flights is Kayak.com/Explore. You can enter the airport closest to you and see when airfare is cheapest around the world.
    2. Stay with friends or family. We’ve all heard it a million times. You have a friend from high school you haven’t connected with in a while or a distant relative who keeps inviting you to come visit them. I think our natural reaction is to say no or be polite but not follow up. Most likely, if your connection is asking you to come visit, then they mean it! Staying with someone—for at least a night or two—is a great way to experience a new place from a local’s perspective. That’s how I ended up visiting Greece and a lot of my other trips!
    3. Use local transportation once at your destination. If you have to travel by air, the flight can be the most expensive part of your trip but once you arrive, there are great resources within countries or cities that make visiting different areas really affordable. Europe, for example, has great train systems that can get you to a different city within hours. Regional airlines like RyanAir and easyJet also offer inexpensive flights from country to country. Just make sure to avoid checking a bag and print your ticket before-hand to avoid extra charges!
    4. Book affordable accommodations in great locations. If you read any of my posts on traveling in Italy or Greece, you know that I’m particular about where I stay. When booking a place in a city that I know I’ll spend most of the day exploring, I don’t mind a simple room because I don’t normally spend that much time there. If you choose a great location, you’ll be in walking distance of major attractions and will save money on transportation. AirBnB is a great resource but sometimes local hotels are just as affordable and sometimes, even cheaper. My favorite site to use is hotels.com and search using the map.
    5. Eat like the locals do. Not every meal on vacation needs to be a 5-star experience. In NYC, grab a hot dog on the street! In Paris, stop by a crepe stand! It’s way less expensive than eating in a restaurant and part of the overall experience.

Travel Tips

These are my tips that work for saving money while traveling! If you have any other ideas or better ways to stick to a budget while on vacation, comment below and let me know. I may have to use them when booking my next trip. 🙂

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