Festive 4th of July Looks


The 4th of July is a big deal where I’m from and it’s something I look forward to every year. It might even be my favorite holiday—Sorry Christmas! My hometown comes alive around the holiday with a firework show over the lake and a parade put on by my neighborhood. All of my friends from childhood come home and we spend pretty much the whole week on the lake.

4th of july dress

I’ve only ever missed Independence Day at home twice, once when I went to Italy and once when I studied abroad in France during college, and since then, I vowed to never miss it again. I love the patriotism and that everyone has a reason to celebrate something we all have in common, freedom!

looks for the fourth of july

The star dress is from Blush in Nashville, Tennessee. You can give them a call to see if they still have it at one of their stores but if they don’t, this dress, this dress, and this dress are similar.

I wore my classic Converse white sneakers with each outfit because I am usually running around all day on the 4th of July and need my shoes to be comfortable.

4th of july style

The Midwest Born and Raised shirt and American Honey shirt are both from Elysian Co. in Warsaw. My jeans are the new Universal Thread line from Target. I found these a couple months ago and love them. The brand reminds me a lot of Madewell but less expensive.

fourth of july style

If you don’t have any plans over 4th of July or can’t possibly comprehend how wonderful the holiday is, then you should come to Warsaw, Indiana for the day and experience it for yourself!

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