10 Best Instagram Spots in Nashville


Instagram is a double-edged sword. I love that we have a platform where we can share our journeys with people and get a glimpse into friend’s lives especially the ones who we don’t get to see that often, but it can also be exhausting to try to keep up and feel like we have to do this or that to fit in.

Most of the time, I just try to embrace it! I love that Instagram can be a creative outlet and part of that is finding the best spots to take a picture. When I was in Nashville last week, I realized that Nashville has so many great places for Instagram pictures so I decided to make a list for anyone who might be visiting or who are just wanting to step up their Instagram game.


Here are the 10 Best Instagram Spots in Nashville:

  1. #WhatLiftsYou Wing Wall – The Gulch

    • This is definitely the most popular picture taking spot in Nashville. It’s not unlikely to pass by and see a line of people longer than Biscuit Love, which just happens to be right down the street. If you are willing to commit to the line, the wall is located on 11th Ave S and is in the alleyway of a parking garage. You won’t be able to miss it!
  2. L.A. Jackson Rooftop – The Gulch

    • After you grab your picture at the wings, head across the street to grab a drink and a picture from the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel known as the L.A. Jackson. The views are beautiful and any time of day but especially at night when you can see the twinkling lights of downtown Nashville. LA Jackson
  3. Pedestrian Bridge – Downtown

    • The pedestrian bridge is a great spot to see (and take a picture of) the whole Nashville skyline without any obstruction to the view. Plus, if you’re visiting Nashville you might need a little exercise to burn off all of the delicious food you’ll be eating.
  4. Rooftop at the Bobby Hotel – Downtown

    • I know what you’re thinking, another hotel rooftop? But this one is worth it, trust me. They put a bus on the rooftop so you really should go see it for yourself and snap a quick picture while you’re up there! Best instagram spots in nashville
  5. Pinewood Social Bowling Alley – Downtown

    • Everything about Pinewood Social is instagramable (is that a word?) but hands down the most photogenic is the bowling alley. Reserve a lane and spend a couple hours bowling with friends then grab a snap of the old-fashioned lanes. Screenshot_2018-07-26-11-32-30
  6. Three Brothers Coffee – West End

    • Lucky for you the coffee at Three Brothers is actually really good! But the main reason to check this place out is for the entryway that is a really cool enclosed black and white mural. Nashville Coffee Shop
  7. I Believe in Nashville Mural – 12th South

    • Once again, all of 12th South has become one big instagram trap. There’s a great mural outside of Draper James and another beautiful flower mural down the street by Green Pea Salon but the most iconic is the I Believe in Nashville mural outside of Edley’s. After you grab a couple pictures, go inside and treat yourself to some BBQ NachosScreenshot_2018-07-26-08-15-55
  8. Amelia’s Flower Truck – 12th South

    • One look at this cute, little flower truck and you’ll see why it makes the best backdrop for a picture. It’s usually parked at Imogene + Willie in 12th South but since it’s a real truck, it moves around so make sure to check their official instagram for the exact location. Screenshot_2018-07-26-08-11-54
  9. Urban Cowboy – East Nashville

    • The Urban Cowboy is a Bed & Breakfast with a beautiful bar and outdoor space. Everything about it has been well thought out and every detail is perfect. If you want to really commit to getting quality instagram pictures, book a night in one of the ornate (and photogenic) rooms. Best Bars in Nashville
  10. The Loveless Cafe – Intersection of Hwy 100 and Natchez Trace

    • Got a free afternoon in Nashville? Cruise down Highway 100 or Natchez Trace to The Loveless Cafe and get a glimpse of old Nashville. The iconic restaurant has been serving up the best biscuits in the area since the 1950s. Not only is the food amazing but also the whole compound feels like you’ve gone back in time.

As Nashville becomes more and more trendy, it seems like the number of places for Instagram pictures keeps growing so comment below if I missed a place and then I can add it to the list and check it out next time I’m in Nashville!

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