3 Creative Ways to Find Inspiration

When I first started blogging a few months ago, I thought I wouldn’t have a problem finding plenty to write about but as I got busier and I ran through all of the ideas I had originally planned out, I started to realize that keeping up with a blog and writing was a little more challenging than I originally thought.


If you know me then you know that it’s hard for me to run out of things to say but I also value quality and if I’m going to do or say something, I want to do it right and do it well. So instead of writing and posting about things I’m not interested in or that aren’t thoroughly thought out, I decided to search for inspiration in other areas of my life as opposed to specifically focusing on past experiences.

inspiration blog

Here are 3 Creative Ways to Find Inspiration:

  1. Ask for Help From Others
    • When I’m feeling uninspired, one of the things that always makes me feel motivated is helping other people accomplish a goal or a project. Sometimes it takes other people’s efforts and focus to help push you to look at things a different way. But what I really need to work on is asking for help from others. Lately I’ve been having the worst writers block and have been searching for inspiration. My best friend Christina knew I was struggling and out of no where came up with an amazing idea for my blog! Read her post here. Sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself so don’t be afraid to reach out to them for inspiration and ideas!
  2. Spend Time Outdoors
    • Being outside always makes me feel more inspired. Whether it’s spending time on the lake or going for a walk with friends, I feel so much better when I’m outside so when I want to find new inspiration, I try to find someone new to go outside. Recently I decided to check out a beautiful wildflower field near me. It was incredible and I couldn’t believe I’ve never been there before! If you want to see pictures, you can check them out here. Next time you’re feeling uninspired, get outside and try going somewhere new! You never know what inspiration you could find right down the street.
  3. Expand Your Circle of Influence
    • A couple of weeks ago, I was with a group of women and we were talking about diversity and how we have such a narrow perspective of the world because everyone in our group is so alike. One of the women in the group said that her daughter started following people of different backgrounds on social media just so that she could witness a different perspective and see life through another lens. I loved that idea so much that I decided I was going to do the same because I realized I was in a similar situation. Not only do I hang out with people who are very similar to me but I also follow people like me on social media! Social media gives us such a great opportunity to connect with people all over the world so take advantage of that and try to expand your circle of influence and who knows what inspiration you could find! Here are some of the new accounts I’ve followed, Kryzayda and The Blog Abroad.



These are the ways I found inspiration and was able to break out of my rut. If you have any other tips for finding inspiration, please comment below. The world needs a little more inspiration!

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