9 Days in Bali: The Ultimate Destination Part 2

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**Click here to read Part 1 for days 1-4 in Ubud before you read this post.

The first 4 days in Bali were action packed and while we were sad to leave behind the beauty of the jungle and rice fields in Ubud, I was ready for some beach time and relaxation in our second destination, Seminyak.

Seminyak Villa

Day 5: Swing Park & Arriving in Seminyak

On day 5, we packed up our bags and left our Ubud villa to head to Seminyak, a hip beach town on the Western side of the island. Before leaving Ubud, our driver from the day before suggested we visit the rice terraces and one of the swing parks and just like the day before, we said yes and jumped in his car!

rice terraces

We didn’t do the main Bali Swing Park but there are so many swings popping up throughout Ubud that we just went to a random one in the rice terraces. Carri had gone to the main swing park on our second day in Ubud while the rest of us went to hang out with the elephants and said the difference between the two was that at the main swing park you could swing an unlimited amount of times. At the one we went to, we only got to swing once which was plenty for me.

After swinging, we drove to our second Airbnb and were greeted by the sweetest house manager, Sukra, who recommended we go to La Lucciola for dinner. It was within walking distance from our villa and located right on the beach. It was probably the fanciest dinner we had all week and I still only spent about $40. I’m telling ya, go to Bali if you want to live like a QUEEN.

After dinner we went to Motel Mexicola which had the nightlife we had vaguely heard about in Bali but hadn’t experienced at all in Ubud. The place was packed full of Australians who were ready to party and I’m not sure we were quite on their level… but the music was good and the decor was cool!

motel mexicola bali

Day 6: Shopping & Rock Bar

The next morning we were ready to SHOP! On the drive into Seminyak, we passed so many cute stores and the only shopping we had experienced in Ubud was a market so we spent most of the afternoon browsing the cute boutiques along Jalan Kayu Aya. Laura and I were really into collecting bracelets. Most of them were less than $2!

Bali Souvenirs

Later that evening, we went to Rock Bar to watch the sunset, which was highly recommended by a lot of the blogs I read before the trip. It was definitely worth the hype! The place was practically carved into the edge of a cliff and the view was unbeatable. However, we thought we would eat dinner there but they just had bar food/snacks that weren’t great. We should have just stuck to the view and cocktails instead!

This was also our last day with Jordan. She was leaving our crew in the morning so we met up with some more of our friends for one last hurrah! It was obvious from all of my research and talking with people in Seminyak that La Favela was the place to go. It’s a bar/restaurant/club that has multiple levels with music and dancing! The inside looks like a jungle and it was a really cool place BUT this was also the place where my phone was stolen.

la favela bali

I hadn’t checked my phone all night and I’m not sure why I even took it with me since I can’t use it internationally without WiFi. At one point during the night, I felt someone touch my bag but it was a crowded place and we had a big group so I didn’t think anything of it. Later, I went to the bathroom and out of habit went to check my phone only to realize it was gone.

Up until then we hadn’t had any issues with not feeling safe and maybe I was a little too trusting of my surroundings but all of us were still safe and I had a new phone waiting for me when I got back to the states. But it was a slightly unsettling feeling… and if the person who stole my phone is reading this, can you PLEASE just upload the rest of my pictures to my iCould? It’s the least you could do. 😉

Day 7: Poolside Massages & Potato Head

The day before, Sukra had asked if we wanted massages so several masseuses showed up to our villa after breakfast and we got pool side massages. They were only $10 and I wish we would have done that every day!

Around lunch time, we ventured out of our villa again to check out Potato Head Beach Club. Like everything else in Bali, it was gorgeous. There were sun loungers and an infinity pool looking out over the ocean. We ate there and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in the pool, which I was surprised to find out was completely free to use!


Day 8: Snorkeling & Blowouts

Originally, our Bali itinerary had included a day trip to one of the smaller island off the coast, Nusa Lembongan. But I got a bad case of Bali Belly on Saturday night while we were at Potato Head and trekking around an island didn’t sound as appealing anymore. So we found a spot to go snorkeling instead in Nusa Dua which was a short drive away!


It was the perfect way to get out on a boat and be in the ocean for a little bit!

After snorkeling, the other Laura got a case of Bali Belly so the rest of the day was very low key. But we did find a place that did blowouts, Blow Bar, and realized that blowouts were only about $15! My hair was STRUGGLING in the humidity so it was nice to have someone else dry and style it before the flight home.

bali blowout

Day 9: Leaving Bali

The highlight of our time in Seminyak was without a doubt our Airbnb, Villa Sugar Palm. Located steps away from the main street and Seminyak Square, the villa was quiet and the house manager not only helped us arrange reservations and car services but also cooked us a delicious breakfast every morning. So the morning before we were leaving Bali, we just hung out and enjoyed the pool at our place. The drive to the airport was less than an hour from Seminyak so it was the perfect spot to end our vacation.

If you want to feel like you were part of our trip, check out the video with all of our highlights below.

If you’re planning a trip to Bali, I hope this post helped. If you’re not planning a trip to Bali, then I hope this inspired you to add it to your Bucket List. It’s an amazing place!

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