What to Wear in Bali

what to wear in Bali

One of my favorite parts of going on vacation is planning what to wear and Bali was no exception! I love wearing colorful things but it sometimes doesn’t fit as well where I live in Northern Indiana so I knew I would have the chance to go all out and wear bright, tropical outfits in Bali.

I also had to be practical when packing because I was only bringing one suitcase and I knew we would be doing a lot of adventuring which meant a lot of walking. So I focused on lightweight items that could be easily compacted in a suitcase and would also be good for the hot climate.

Here’s What to Wear in Bali:

Travel Outfit:

travel outfit

The first leg of the flight to Bali was 15 hours from Chicago, Illinois to Taipei, Taiwan so I wanted something that would be extremely comfortable. This cotton jumpsuit is one of my favorites. It feels like pajamas but it looks pretty stylish. Can you ask for anything more?! I also brought a couple layers on the plane with me that I thought I would need later in the trip but Bali was SO HOT that I didn’t even want to look at a jacket or sweatshirt let alone wear one.

Forever 21 Cotton Jumpsuit (similar), Jean Jacket, Spiritual Gangster Sweatshirt, & Converse

Day 1:

what to wear in bali

Did you catch my friend’s post a couple weeks ago about Rent the Runway Unlimited? She swears by it and through her, I was able to try a month of unlimited for free! I picked this dress because I knew it would be easy to throw on at any moment. This lightweight, swingy dress was perfect for the first day.

Rent the Runway Nicholas DressTarget Slides

Day 2:

bali style

H&M One Piece Swimsuit, Denim Skort (similar), Free People Pocket Belt (similar)

Day two was important because I wanted to impress the elephants but also knew I would be swimming with them so I had to wear something practical. This skort was my go-to all summer so I threw it on over a one piece and added my new favorite accessory, the pocket belt, and had a complete outfit. I didn’t know what the rest of the day would bring so I brought a change of clothes and I would say the elephant appreciated the outfit, wouldn’t you?

what to wear in Bali

Yellow Jumpsuit (similar)

Day 3:

bali style

All temples in Bali require that your knees and shoulders be covered so I wore these pants on the day I knew we would be visiting a couple temples. They are high-waisted, super lightweight, and were really comfortable for a long day of sightseeing. They paired perfectly with one of the tops I got from the Rent the Runway subscription.

Rent the Runway The Fifth Label Top, ASOS Printed Pants (similar)

Day 4:

bali fashion

Patterned Maxi Skirt (similar)

I got this skirt for my trip to Greece but it ended up fitting perfectly in Bali. I bought the top I wore with it in Seminyak and loved the color which reminded me of the marigold fields we would see as we were driving through Bali.

The dress below is one I purchased before the trip and thought I would wear to the swing park but I ended up wearing the skirt above instead. I was glad I got to wear it for dinner on the beach that night!

bali clothes

Vici Maxi Dress (similar)

Day 5:

bali style

Misa LA Dress (similar) & Patterned Black Platforms (similar)

This Misa LA dress is one of my favorite dresses I own. It’s super flowy and I love the pattern but the sleeves made it a little too warm for Bali so I did another wardrobe change and switched into a Rent the Runway black romper after dinner.

la favela bali

Rent the Runway Jay Godfrey Black Romper

Day 7:

I got sick this day. Bali belly is real people! I’ll spare you the pictures.

Day 8:

bali snorkeling

I wasn’t feeling my best after getting sick the day before but I wasn’t going to waste my last full day in Bali laying around. This high waisted suit became one of my favorites during the trip!

H&M Red Romper (similar) & ASOS High Waisted Swim Suit Top & Swim Suit Bottom

Day 9:

Seminyak Villa

I bought this set specifically for Bali so I was determined to wear it. I think Bali is one of the only places I would recommend wearing a tube top. Did I mention that it’s hot?

American Threads Two Piece Set (similar)

If you haven’t yet, make sure to read the full itinerary of my 9 Days in Bali here.


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