Attending a Bridal Shower? Recreate One of These 3 Outfits

3 Outfits to Wear to a Bridal Shower

Let’s talk about bridal and baby showers. Do you ever find yourself so focused on shopping for gifts or setting up for a shower that you forget about what you’re going to wear? That happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

As hard as I tried, I’m never able to fully prepare for another busy season of wedding and baby showers. By the time I find the gift, plan my travel, and clear my schedule then it’s the morning of and I’m scrambling to get dressed and can’t find anything to wear. 

I tried to be proactive this year and ordered two dresses online before a busy weekend with a wedding shower on Saturday and a baby shower on Sunday. Wouldn’t you know that the dresses didn’t make it on time, so I ran to my favorite local boutique, Elysian Co., first thing in the morning and luckily they had something I was able to throw on at the last minute.

So now I have three shower-ready outfits to wear in case anymore baby or bridal showers pop up this year! If you know you’ve got a shower coming up, go ahead and put together/order/recreate one of these affordable bridal shower outfits so you’re not rushing at the last minute like I was.

Outfit 1:

Floral Midi Dress & Pink Blazer


Outfit 2:

Green Floral Dress + your favorite denim jacket (click here for my favorite)


Outfit 3:

Similar Midi Skirt & Similar Top (or to mix patterns like I did above try this Floral Top)



I’m wearing my go-to pair of nude heeled sandals with all of these outfits. If these are too tall for you, try this pair with a shorter heel instead.

Need outfit ideas for a wedding, check out this post for 10 dresses to wear to a wedding under $100. 

3 Outfits to Wear to a Bridal Shower

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